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Kills on contact and protect up to 30 days. Rainproof protection. Controls over 100 different insect pests on fruits, roses, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees, over 60 varieties of ornamentals, and house plants. No odor, water based, indoor/outdoor..02 percent Permethrin. Controls over 100 different insect pests on vegetables, fruits, roses, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees, over 60 varieties of ornamentals, and house plants. No odor, water-based. Pyrethroid technology lasts up to 3 weeks. Main Active: Permethrin 0.02 percent.
Bonide 982 Insect Killer Garden Safe 10424/X Insecticidal Soap SOAP INSECTIDE R-T-USE QUART
Lambda-Cyhalothrin kills bugs on contact and by ingestion. Thiamethoxam is absorbed by the plant, and moves rapidly throughout, killing insects from within. Difenoconazole, a contact and systemic fungicide, works from within the plant as well, stopping existing and preventing new plant disease. An ideal solution for insect and disease problems for roses, flowers, landscape plants, trees, shrubs and ground covers. Lasts up to 30 days. Rain proof within 60 minutes. No odor, non-staining. Kills bugs on contact. Controls aphids, mealybugs, mites, leafhoppers, psyllids, scale insects, thrips, whiteflies and other listed pests. May be applied to edibles up to day of harvest. Ideal for organic gardeners. Potassium fatty acids from plants kills insects on contact. Great for houseplants, vegetables, flowers and fruits. Formula does not persist in the environment and may be used up to the day of harvest. Preferred by organic gardeners. Contains no flammable solvents or animal fatty acids.
Garden Safe HG-93078 MITE/DISEASE CNTRL3N1 24OZ RTU Safer 5085 Ready-To-Use Insect Killer
Kills on contact. Kills over 50 types of insects as listed. Protects roses, vegetables, houseplants, ornamentals, trees, shrubs and flowers. Contains pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide. Use on shrubs, roses, flowers, houseplants and vegetables. Kills fungus, insects and mites. Prevents leaf loss caused by black spot and rust. Kills insects attacking tomatoes and vegetables on contact. Use up to day of harvest. Contains insect killing insecticidal soap (1.015 percent) and (.012 percent) Pyrethrins.
Safer 5110 Ready-To-Use Insect Killing Soap With Seaweed Extract Safer 5134 Ready-To-Use Insect Killer Safer 5130 Ready-To-Use Insect Killer
Environmentally safe, made from naturally occurring plant oils and animal fats. Kills aphids, spider mites, mealybugs and whiteflies. Use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, houseplants, shrubs, flowering plants and other ornamentals. Use up to day of harvest. Ready to use, no mixing required. Contains: 2% Potassium salts of fatty acids. OMRI listed. Eliminates soft bodied insects on contact. Can be used up until the day of harvest. Active ingredient: Insecticidal soap. Use on roses, flowers, shade trees, and ornamental plants. Kills Aphids, Mealy bugs, mites, and Whiteflies. Will not harm beneficial insects such as lady bugs and praying mantis and others when used as directed. Contains insecticidal soap (potassium salts of fatty acids: 1.5 percent to dry-out the waxy outer skin of insects, and aromatics to provide a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Environmentally safe.
Safer EndALL 5102 Ready-To-Use Insect Killer Safer 5452 3-In-1 Ready-To-Use Garden Killer MITE/DISEASE CONTROL 24OZ RTU
Eliminates up to 45 different insect varieties. Kills eggs, larvae and adults. Can be used on trees, ornamentals, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and houseplants. Active ingredients: Insecticidal soap 1.000 percent, Clarified extract of Neem Oil 0.90 percent and Organic Pyrethrin 0.24 percent. OMRI listed formula works as an effective insecticide, miticide and fungicide, all-in-1. Eliminates soft bodied insects, mites and fungal diseases like rust, black spot, powdery mildew and blight. Can be used up until the day of harvest. Active ingredients: Insecticidal soap and Sulfur. For use on roses, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees. Kills listed fungi, insects and mites. Prevents leaf loss caused by black spot and rust.
Bonide Captain Jack's 250 Ready-To-Use Deadbug Brew Safer 5105 Ready-To-Use Insect Killer INSECTICIDAL SOAP R-T-USE 24OZ
Captain Jack's deadbug brew kills bagworms, borers, beetles, caterpillars, thrips, codling moth, gypsy moth, loopers, leaf miners, spider mites, tent caterpillars and more. Use on fruits, vegetables, berries, citrus, grapes, nuts and ornamentals. Approved for use in organic gardening. Contains Spinosad (spin-OH-sid). Environmentally friendly and safer solution. Kills insects on contact, gentle on plants. Patented combination of insecticidal soap and pyrethrin kills insects on contact. Multi-purpose for use on flowers, vegetables, shrubs and ornamentals. Kills aphids, caterpillars, beetles, roaches, and many more. Can be used up to the day of harvest. Contains: Pyrethrins (0.012 percent) and Potassium salts of fatty acids (1.015 percent). For use on vegetables, flowers, fruits and houseplants. Kills aphids, mealybugs, mites, white flies and other listed pests.
Controls over 100 different insect pests on fruits, roses, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees, over 60 varieties of ornamentals, and house plants. No odor, water based, indoor/outdoor..02 percent Permethrin. An all purpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide for organic gardening. Derived from the Neem seed, Neem oil is an ideal choice for use on virtually any plant, including roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees, turf and shrubs. Kills all stages of insects, eggs, larvae and adults. Makes a great dormant spray. Fast acting formula for organic gardening to kill over 30 listed insects and mites on greenhouse plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, container grown plants and ornamentals. Also kills powdery mildew.
Bonide 688 Ready-To-Use Insect Control Bonide Rose Rx 3-In-1 OIL NEEM EW RTU 24OZ
Ready to use 3 in 1 pyrethrin, controls aphids, white flies, loopers, leafhoppers, bugs, and caterpillars with natural botanical insecticide. Ok for use even on day of harvest. Active ingredient: Acetonylbenzyl-4-hydroxycoumarin 0.025 percent. For use on roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruits, nuts and vegetables in and around the home and garden. Controls blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and other insect pests. For organic gardening, use on roses, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Controls aphids, whiteflies and spiders mites, black spot, rust and powdery mildew. For organic gardening.
INSECT KLLR OUTDR RTS 6/32OZ  INSECT CONTROL VEG/GARDEN RTS Bonide Eight 426GFCI Yard and Garden Insect Control
This ready-to-spray product works in minutes; lasts up to 3 months. Kills spiders, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, chinch bugs and other insects fast, so you can confidently reclaim your outdoor space. Kills over 500 insects. Kills insects on contact. Kills Japanese beetles, aphids, cutworms and more. Rainproof in 1 hour. Non-staining, water based spray. For use as a general home and grounds spray to keep out invading ants, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and flies. Can be used directly on homes, patios, porches and garages. Controls insects on fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, trees, shrubs and roses. Contains the active ingredient: Permethrin.
Kills over 500 pests. Protects over 250 fruits and vegetables. Won't harm plants, blooms or lawns. Improved functionality. Visible results in minutes. Kills by contact. Use at the first sign of insect pests or where they are expected to appear. Use on trees, shrubs, roses and flowers. Kills Japanese beetles, aphids, spider mites and more. Up to 30 days protection. A broad spectrum product used for the control of spider mites, fleas, aphids, fire ants, chinch bugs, fleas, aphids and mosquitoes. For use on roses, trees, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and lawns. Contains the active ingredient: Lambda Cyhalothrin.
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