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Rainbird RISER-1PK Preassembled Riser Stake Rainbird EFC25-1PK Tubing Coupling Rainbird EC50-2PK End Closure
Preassembled riser and stake for use with Rain Bird 10-32 threaded emission devices. Compression fitting for use with all 1/2'' drip tubing brands. 1/2" end closure for use with 1/2" tubing to allow flushing and draining of system.
Easy Fit EFE25-1PK Non-Threaded Tubing Elbow Rainbird Easy Fit EFT25-1PK Non-Threaded Tubing Tee Rainbird BC50-4PK Hose Coupling
Compression fitting for use with all 1/2'' drip tubing brands. Universal compression fitting tee for use with all 1/2'' drip tubing brands. Connect 2 pieces of 1/2" tubing.
Rainbird MSF-2PK Micro Spray Rainbird MSH-2PK Micro Spray Rainbird BE50-4PK Drip Watering Non-Threaded Hose Elbow
Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers and flower beds. Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers and flower beds. Connect 2 pieces of 1/2" tubing in an "L" shape.
Rainbird BT50-4PK Non-Threaded Tubing Tee Rainbird TS25-10PK Tubing Stake With Bug Guard Rainbird TP25-10PK Goof Non-Threaded Tubing Plug
Connect 3 pieces of 1/2" tubing in a "T" shape. Stake 1/4" tubing at desired locations or secure spot watering emitters. Place bug guard at end to prevent bugs and debris from clogging tubing. Use as an end closure for 1/4" tubing, or as a side plug for 1/2" tubing.
Rainbird BC25-10PK Hose Coupling Rainbird BT25-10PK Non-Threaded Tubing Tee Rainbird T22-50 Drip Watering Tubing
Connect 2 pieces of 1/4" tubing or tap into the side of 1/2" tubing. Connect 3 pieces of 1/4" tubing in a "T" shape or tap into the side of 1/2" tubing. Use with spot watering emitters or to run water to emitter tubing.
Rainbird MBF-4PK Micro Bubbler Rainbird MBH-4PK Micro Bubbler Rainbird GS50-10PK Tubing Stake
Connect to 1/2'' tubing with barbed coupling (included) and 1/4'' tubing. Half circle, Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers and flower beds. Connect to 1/2'' tubing with barbed coupling (included) and 1/4'' tubing. Spray pattern 180 degree rotation. Heavy gauge galvanized wire secures 1/2" tubing to the ground.
Rainbird SW20-10PK Single Outlet Spot Watering Emitter Rainbird SW10-10PK Single Outlet Spot Watering Emitter Rainbird ET-1PK Emitter Tool
Adds supplemental watering to individual plants. Adds supplemental watering to individual plants. Easy way to add or remove spot watering emitters, fittings, and plugs.
Rainbird T63-050 Distribution Tubing Rainbird T63-100 Drip Watering Tubing Rainbird ET25512-50 Drip Watering Emitter Tubing
1/2'' distribution blank tubing for drip irrigation. 13mm OD. Connect with Rain Bird 1/2'' barbed fittings or compression fittings. Makes watering pots and container gardens easy. 1/4'' tubing size. Clog resistance through built-in filtration and two outlet holes, 180 degrees apart. Works with Rain Bird 1/4'' barbed fittings. Runs water to 1/2" emitter tubing. Flexible 1/4" emitter tubing is ideal for extending watering to narrow planting areas and container plants. Each emitter is spaced 12" apart, and emits 1 GPH of water.
Rainbird RCKIT-1PK Riser Connection Kit Rainbird FCKIT-1PK Faucet Connection Kit Rainbird PATIO-KIT 40-Piece Patio Watering Kit
Replace an underground irrigation spray head or mount on any riser. Sized for easy conversion of a Rain Bird 1806 pop-up spray head. Also connects to other standard 1/2" irrigation fittings. All in one unit includes 30 PSI regulator, to avoid excess flow, backflow preventer to stop water from flowing back into your home's system, 200 mesh filter to trap rust and sediment, helping to keep emitters flowing trouble free, and swivel tee. Easy, leak-proof connections. For outdoor faucet or hose. Includes backflow preventer, 150 mesh filter (pre-installed inside backflow preventer), and 25 PSI regulator. Multi-function kit ensures proper operation of your drip irrigation system. Easy to assemble kit provides drip watering for up to 10 planters. Includes faucet connection kit with pressure reducer, 50' of 1/4'' distribution tubing and 6 staked watering devices.
Rainbird CNV182EMT Drip Emitter Conversion Kit Rainbird ET63918100 Drip Watering Emitter Tubing Rainbird GRDNER-KIT Garden Drip Kit
Ideal for larger planting beds or gardens. Convert a pop-up spray to six spot watering emitters. 15 minute installation. Promotes healthier plants with less water. Kit contains a 6 port manifold, 1800 retro spray head with filter and pressure regulator, 50' 1/4'' distribution tubing, cut to length, 6 bug caps, which allow flow and prevent insects from entering, 6 stakes to direct flow at each plant, (3) 1.0 GPH and (3) 2.0 GPH drip emitters. 1/2" emitter tubing waters plants uniformly with pre-installed pressure compensating emitters spaced every 18". Designed for clog-resistant flow at 0.9 GPH to ensure even, reliable watering. All-in-one drip system waters a 75 sq. ft. aea. Installs easily without digging and without requiring any plumbing skills. Features pre-installed emitters every 18 inches for clog-resistant flow. Allows for precise watering for healthy landscaping. Takes care of regulating pressure, filtering sediment, and preventing backflow. Conforms to your landscaped area and provides everything needed to apply emitter tubing in garden areas and spot watering to widely spaced plants. Kit contains multi-function faucet connection kit, (50') 1/2" emitter tubing, (50') 1/2" tubing, (25') 1/4" tubing, (2) 1/2" barbed couplings, (3) 1/2" barbed tees, (2) 1/2" barbed elbows, (1) 1/2" end closure, (10) galvanized stakes, (5) 1/4" barbed tees, (2) 1/4" barbed couplings, (5) 1/4" tubing stakes, (10) 1/4" tubing plugs, (5) 1.0 GPH spot watering emitters, and (1) emitter tool.
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